Employee Benefits

We aim to make Stainless a fun, inclusive place where people enjoy themselves, both in and out of the workplace. To illustrate this, here is a selection of perks and benefits from our Employee Benefits Guide*


Trained Mental Health First Aiders onsite

Cover cost of eye tests

BUPA cover


22 days holiday

22 days of paid holiday plus bank holidays

Additionally, a paid 2-week shutdown at Christmas (meaning total paid holidays are approx. 37 days)

Flexible Working

We support flexible working, a hybrid Tue-Wed-Thur in the office model, and full-time remote working in some circumstances

Annual bonus

We pay a bonus at Christmas each year. The amount varies each year depending on overall company performance.

Car/Passenger ferry travel

Discount on car ferry travel for family and friends

Passenger ferry season ticket loan

Annual Christmas Party

All-expenses-paid fun and games every Christmas!

Local gym membership

We’ll cover a certain amount of your monthly gym

Free snacks

Free fruit, snacks and drinks in office

Finder’s Fee and Signing-On Bonus

If we recruit someone you recommend, not only do YOU get a £2k finder’s fee, but THEY get a £2k signing-on bonus

Cinema, Theatre or Gig ticket

We will reimburse you for up to two cinema/theatre/gig tickets per calendar month per employee, up to a maximum of £10 per ticket.

Group sports

If a group of people want to get together in-person, we are happy to cover all reasonable costs.

Work permit/visas

For non-UK citizens we will cover all reasonable costs and will deal with all the admin associated with gaining permission to work in the UK, should you wish to relocate.

Relocation Assistance

For those working remotely either in the UK or abroad, we will contribute up to £1000 towards the cost of relocating near the studio.

Group board gaming/multiplayer gaming

If a group of people want to get together either in-person or virtually, we are happy to cover certain costs.

Videogames and board games

We will contribute up to £70 towards a videogame or board game of your choice, once in any six-month period.


In short, you get to buy a bicycle of pretty much any specification at a discount of 20% or 40% (depending on your income tax bracket), and pay for it over the course of 12 months.

Handyman Services

Our in-house maintenance man is also available for free odd jobs for employees. If you need a washing machine installing, a door replacing or a fridge taking to the rubbish tip, he’s your man.

Company Pick-up Truck

The company owns a two-seater Toyota Hilux pick-up, and all employees over 25 (with a few exceptions) are insured to drive. Employees are welcome to book it for personal use.

Pamper/spa day

We will pay for a ‘spa day’ for you ‘plus one’ at a specific local spa facility on the Isle of Wight

Health insurance (BUPA)

We offer health insurance to employees and their families, currently through BUPA, as part of your employment package.

English Heritage & National Trust passes

An English Heritage membership allows free access to many castles, stately homes and other places of interest around England, including a handful on the Isle of Wight. National Trust is similar.

Go out and have a meal

Either on your own or with family, friends etc. and claim the cost back from the company. Initially, this benefit is available once every three months, and the amount you can claim is capped at £100 for the event (not per person)


Healthshield is an insurance scheme that helps with the costs of more everyday treatments, such as opticians, dentistry, physiotherapy and so-on for you and your partner. You can claim a certain amount of cash for each form of treatment that you undergo.

Mental Health First-Aiders

If anything (personal or professional) is affecting you then we have three trained in-house “mental health first-aiders” who can help

*We are committed to ensuring these benefits are as enduring and reliable as possible. However, most of the above do not form part of any contract of employment, and are therefore discretionary and subject to change. For practical or policy reasons, some benefits are not applicable to all employees.